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The new roo review.

The other thread was getting confusing so...

First off CONGRATS. Can you send me a pic? And I have to review your email about the business question.


We didn’t get to Duran Duran. It was too confusing trying to navigate without having been there for the tennis. We are seeing Santigold the week after next and then The Struts a couple of weeks later. Should be interesting. All of the concerts we usually go to are arena sized, but these two are in smaller club venues (SRO and bar) which are going to be packed with THE YOUNG. We’re going to seem like Ma and Pa Kettle (or Grandma and Grandpa).

I am bad with spas. I have a close friend who does endermology for me (fat pounding on the thighs) I don’t really have that much to work with (not a humblebrag, I’m just smallish on the bottom and all the smooshing in the world isn’t going to give me a butt. Sadly) but she’s a great friend and I feel bad about quitting because she’s so genrous and it’s the only way I can repay her. Silly.


I do botox and filler regularly and I’ve had my eyes done. I’m gearing up for a face-lift in the next couple of years (probably in two stages) Skin wise, I use Obaji products. My feeling about procedures is that if you have a sense they’re jerking you, you’re probably right. But there are somethings that can either not work as well/cause irritation so use your judgement. Jowell’s biggest complaint is when a customer fibs and then goes HAM, so if you’re willing to suck it up. (I have that arrangement with my stylist in regards to my extensions/color/thermal. I try to keep to her counsel, but when I run out of patience the consequences are on me.

AC got handled. Much more easily and cheaper than expected. (How often does that happen) Anyway, off for a blowout for our big night out. (Just another Saturday night at our local hang. Dinner and dancing). We have 15 people for the holidays coming up so I’m working double time to get my shoes and clutter out of the dining room. I have issues. I am 1/2 a hoarder, I fear.


Happy spa-ing and good luck!

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