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I’ll give you my honest opinion about filler. I am so far from an expert so these are just my impressions. My doctor uses Juvaderm. There are quite a few more products out there, but he’s most comfortable with the product and I’m 100% comfortable with him. I started up about 7 years ago, at 45. The first time I did the nasal labial crease and the lips, with a little on either side of my chin (under mouth corners). I was happy overall, but I did regret doing as much as I did on the lips. I didn’t wind up with the full duck or major pillow lips but it was still too much for me (though I was happy with the filled in creases. Former smoker) It lasted about 18 months. On the second round we only did the bow part of the lip and a little on the corners. It gave my lip more definition and I love it. Also, about 18 months. The 3rd time we added Voluma to the upper cheek (higher, I think than some placement) It created a little more tautness without actually giving me round apple cheeks. I felt like it kept the basic “integrity” of my face but still refreshed. Again, 18 months. The last two times we also did a little in my nose, filling in the notched area above the nostrils, which made then more uniform and actually help with breathing/snoring. (the first time he did it he said “You’re going to be amazed at how much better you can breathe”. I replied that I didn’t have a problem. He said “snoring then”. Me: “Nope, not a problem either”. Dandilyn : “Um, love of my life, my reason for being, cutie pie...”


I’m still on the last set but we just redid the nose, also adding a touch on the side to correct a little bend. And a touch to raise the tip. I am happy with the results but, and I can’t stress this enough, you have to use moderation. I’m not delusional enough to think that I don’t look a little tweaked. But I’m pretty sure I don’t look totally jacked. I live in Boca Raton Fla, so I see a lot of people with work done. I’ve have seen outrageous lips and cheeks that extend further than noses. There was a woman in the waiting room who I found jarring. When I asked the doc, he said that she came from another doc who had retired. He said he was trying to back her off and was considering not keeping her if she was too insistent. But there is, of course the idea that a client knows what they want to look like, so barring a dysmorphia I suspect that he’ll acquiesce.

Pain is moderate. The first couple of time were horrible, but now they put lidocaine in the formula so after the first shots it’s better. There’s also an odd-ish tugging sensation. And a little pressure as the doc manipulates the product. The first couple of days I run around repeating “He did too much, wah” but after about a week I’m digging it. This is probably more than you needed, but the most important point I’d like to make is don’t start too early. I’m not even a fan of botox on women in their twenties but I do “get it”. I also don’t think botox has been proven to be prophylactic and filler is not. My goal has always been to get back just a few years. And look “well rested”. Good luck if you decide to “go for it”

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